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 The Ghostown that is the Blocko Fourms: guide to passersby.

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PostSubject: The Ghostown that is the Blocko Fourms: guide to passersby.   Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:28 pm

Back when this forum was made in 2009, there were many people who had payed to play the game known as Blockland. Created in 2004 by Eric Hartman, and became a retail game in 2007 for the price of 10 US Dollars. And is now a Steam game as of October 2013.

These forms were created at what I assume was the height of Blocklands popularity. And was a pretty active place until 2011 when people were moving on from the game. I had also moved on from the game myself and only came back to Blocko Forums because I wanted to see how this place looked even after at has become a ghost town.

This is the message to all the people who just so happen to stumble upon the site by random chance. If you are here to stay and possibly get the site turning a bit, then you can try. Otherwise, at least know that Blockland has had quite a history.
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The Ghostown that is the Blocko Fourms: guide to passersby.
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