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 [GUIDE] making maps (terrain only)

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] making maps (terrain only)   Mon May 10, 2010 5:43 pm

Right clicky on the desktop and select "new folder". A forlder should appear on the desktop. Name it like this... "Map_(MapName)". Move that folder somewhere you won't lose it... Like in your persinal folder. Now, the heat is on. Here is a table of contents of what to do:

1. Terrains
1-5. Skybox
2. .Mis
2-5. .Map
3. description
4. namecheck

This is super easy, if you are skilled in painting using any paint editor, like photoshop or any paint editor that saves a piece of work as a "portable network graphics" file. Just try your best to draw a detailed terrain pach. If you can't, look in some other map files for terrains or the internet.

Preety much the same kind of stuff as terrains, but is sopost to be the sky file. Put this and the terrain in your Map folder. Make sure they are saved as ".png".

This is the most important file in making maps. In order to make this, run the blockland batch file, called "mission.exe". For a pc, make a copy of blockland and make its root file be called "mission.exe", name it as "Mission Editor" and start it up. Start a single player game, and wait for it to load. This might take a long time to load, because of all the mission datablockz to inisalize. Once spawned, press "f11" on your key board. This should take up to 10 seconds to load. Once you have the mission editor, fiddle around with whatever map you want, but make sure you save it. For mac, once spawned, press "ctr+m" to start up mission editor. That's it. Once you quit out of blockland, find the folder called "missions" and take out your saved mission. Move it into your Map folder, and yazaah! You are done with the mission!

Some terrain editors like "terrain builder" and "Map2dif" can save terrain models as ".map" or ".dif". Those formatz work with blockland too. Use those, if ".mis" cannot run through.

All mods need a description. Basically, it should be a ".txt" file called "description.txt" with no capitals. In the description, you should have the Title of your map, the author of your map (you) and a short description about your map. So, it should look like this:
Title: (title)
Author: (your name here, or BL_ID)
(Short description)

This is like the description, accept it is checking the name. No capitals, just "namecheck.txt". It should be the name of your folder, like this example:
Map_(map name)
Must be the exact same words as the folder's name.

Now, you've made your own map! Move it into the blockland "addon" folder, and start up blockland. If the map doesn't appear on the map list, quit, read this whole tutorial again, and see If there are any mistakes for your mod. Injoy.
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[GUIDE] making maps (terrain only)
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