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 Migrants into cities and increasing demand for rentalhousing

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PostSubject: Migrants into cities and increasing demand for rentalhousing   Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:54 am

A large part of the increasing population in the state of Kerala was due to immigration.  The status of Trivandrum as the capital of Kerala state, the growing employment, educational and recreational facilities have continued to attract migrants from other states of the country into the capital city.
The number of migrants to urban areas of the state of Kerala according to their duration of residence for the period 1961-81 has been published.  For urban Kerala, migrants have continued to be a significant part of the total population – ranging from 65.05 percent of population in 1961 to 48.95 percent in 1981. 
Over time (1961-71) the percentage of migrants with short duration of residence (less than one year) has been declining and of those with intermediate and long duration (above 9 years) of residence has increased.  Thus the percentage of migrants with duration of residence off less than one year declined from 12 percent in 1961 to around six in 1981.  Over 1961-81 the percentage of long-term migrants with duration of residence exceeding 9 - 10 years increased from 40 to 49.  On the whole, the declining percentage of new or short term migrants would lead to declining demand for rental housing in the long run.
Real Estate in Kerala is witnessing increasing pressure and more demand after the advent of the Information Technology (IT) boom.  The demand for rented properties in the vicinity of Technopark in Trivandrum and Infopark in Cochin has increased phenomenally.  Thus the rentals have also gone up beyond a particular limit.  More and more households are now offering up their extra spaces on rent to the IT professionals at exorbitant rates.  This trend is likely to continue as long as the IT boom lasts.
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Migrants into cities and increasing demand for rentalhousing
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